Custom Wall Decor

Wooden Wall Decor and Art

I often create things that can’t be categorized, but need to be hanging on your wall somewhere. Bring the warmth and richness of reclaimed lumber into your home. Your life is so sanitized, add some rustic charm to that beige wall. Be it a oversized star or an intricate wood pattern … order one today.

See the images below to view details and variations in design:






Wall Decor Product Details

No standard size, all are custom

Is Your Wall Boring?

All pieces are handcrafted and hand painted from recycled, unique pieces of wood and will differ slightly from the picture. The intent is for that to add to the story. It is impossible to duplicate a piece exactly. It is common for there to be non-structural cracks, knots and imperfections in the finished piece. The idea behind most all my work is for it to look as if it was just pulled out of an old shop or barn, dusted off a little and now displayed beautifully in your home. “Artisan” not “cute.” In that vein I do not put a poly coating of any kind over the pieces. In my opinion when I have done that it detracts from the piece and gives it a “current” look vs a “historic” look. Let it continue to weather! You’ll love it more!