About Brice Bohrer Creative


At BB Creative it is all about building. From reclaimed lumber woodcraft to graphic design and visual communications. What can I build for you today?

BB Creative is run by me, Brice Bohrer. I am married to the incredible woman, Heidi, and we are blessed with 4 awesome kids. By day I am the Creative Services Manager at Cahoots Communications. That is the great company that brought our adventure from Kansas to Colorado. Cahoots clients are primarily nonprofit and how rewarding it has been to partner with them and help them accomplish their missions.

I have been building all kinds of things since grade school. Tape, glue and scissors then, now I have graduated to power tools and computers.

On the woodcraft side I enjoy making the spaces you live in a better place… to keep historic wood out of a landfill and breath new life into it. This started with the Colorado State flag and has expanded into all kinds of flags, signs, furniture and more.

As for graphic design, my close to 20 years of experience will enable you to communicate your brand in the clearest, most successful way possible. My expertise lies in brand development and visual identity. I have done everything from illustration to websites, from catalogs and magazines to annual reports, and more logos than you can count … you name it! My design is all about results—getting the results you desire (with an added benefit of looking incredible while it does it). Let me help you build your brand!

What did I leave out? What else do you need to know? If you need to get a hold of me about a project shoot me a note. If you need an official resume, I have that too. Let’s build something great together.

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